MAIC will be responsible for the design and construction of a full service until handing over the finished project that ensures quality, optimizes utility and high aesthetics.

Creative ideas from the latest concept design trends, but still reflects the characteristics of each customer through each interior drawing design that MAIC brings to customers’ offices, restaurants, and apartments.

With skilled technicians and experienced architects, MAIC ensures every smallest detail during the constructing period of a project is carefully focus on.

In addition to full service package, Design and Construction services, customers can also choose Construction Supervision service, which means that the construction of the customer’s work will be carried out by a team of Architects and project supervisors with many years of experience and dedicated supervision of MAIC to ensure aesthetics, progress, limit risks and losses in construction.

Repair & Renew was developed for the installation, warranty, maintenance, repair, renovation of the customer’s existing work or living space.